Cabdental is a Specialized Odontologic Group

Our priority is to guarantee the success of all our treatments. This is acquired through a proper multidisciplinary diagnosis from our team of professionals so we can restore Health, Function and Aesthetics.

With more than 35 years of experience, all of our dental treatments are based on scientific evidence and, with the help of our specialized team, we can provide quality, durability and health in our treatments.

Dental consultation from your home.

1. Now you can have a dental consultation from your home. Schedule a videocall appointment to solve any question you have.

2. Talk with one of our specialists to know about your dental needs and answer any questions you might have. Schedule a videocall with us.

3. Need information and/or have questions but you don’t live in Guadalajara? We can help you. Schedule a videocall with one of our specialists for your dental consultation.



• Complete Dental Records
• Computed Tomography
• Intraoral/Extraoral pictures
• Dental Casts
• Computed Cephalometry
• Complete individual X-Rays