Diastemas are spacing between teeth. These spaces are very common and they can be caused by different factors: One reason for diastemas to occur in the mouth is by having misalignment or the way teeth are positioned. Another reason why there could be gaps between your teeth could be by the existence of microdontia (very small teeth), this could be just in one tooth or several. Lastly, the absence of a tooth and whose gap never got substituted is also a reason why spacing can occur in between teeth. 

It doesn’t matter what is the cause for the gaps between teeth, the reaction remains the same: EVERYBODY WANTS TO FIX IT. Today’s beauty standards have shown us that spacings between teeth are not aesthetic, especially when the diastemas are present in the front teeth. Alejandro experienced this precise aesthetic problem. He reached out to Cabdental looking for a beautiful and pleasant smile. Alejandro had already completed an orthodontic treatment (braces) where the front gap could not be closed entirely.

With an overall evaluation and patient communication, we could acknowledge Alejandro´s expectations and we could get to a solution satisfactorily. 

We took impressions of his mouth where we elaborated a diagnosis wax-up of how we could close his front diastema. We suggested placing two porcelain veneers in both his front teeth, this way to give his smile a new appearance. Dental preparation/drilling is minimal or non-existent in cases like this, because our goal is to gain missing dental tissue instead of removing it.

With dental veneers we could recover the worn out edges and the width of the patient’s teeth. We also improved his symmetry and the shape of his two front teeth. Only two appointments were required for Alejandro to get his veneers done. He was very satisfied with the result and the way his new smile and teeth looked.