Our dear patient, came to Cabdental seeking urgent help due to his deplorable oral health affecting his self-esteem and quality of life.

In the initial consultation, he had dental restorations such as crowns, amalgams (silver fillings) and resin fillings badly adjusted and with bacterial filtration. He had several missing teeth and he felt he couldn’t chew his food properly. He also had spaces in between teeth and his dental shade was dark.

He was desperate and had no idea of where to start, since there was a lot to be fixed.


A full dental rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary dental treatment where the entire mouth/teeth are treated consisting of one or several procedures per tooth. This is to accomplish a healthy and aesthetic mouth, and even bite. In order to perform a full mouth rehab, it is necessary to do a correct diagnosis including a series of x-rays, ct scan and wax-up prototypes.

Dental Cleaning

We started off his full mouth rehab by performing a dental cleaning. It is important to have a clean, bacteria-free mouth before undergoing any dental treatment. Dental cleanings help treat swollen gums and give us an overall idea of the patient’s oral health. Our dental cleanings are done using AirFlow, which removes any dental stain and helps our patients recover their gum health making them look pink again.

Dental Implants

We continued he’s dental treatment by placing dental implants in the areas of his mouth where he has had dental extractions (missing teeth). Dental implants consist in placing a titanium screw substituting the tooth’s root, and placing a crown over this implant/screw. This is a simple procedure requiring little chair work. It is important to replace the missing teeth in our mouth because without them our masticatory function is altered and the remaining teeth can shift or move to the empty spaces.

Porcelain Restorations

We removed the badly adjusted crowns, resins and amalgams in the patient’s mouth and we replaced the faulty restorations with porcelain. It is important to have dental restorations well adjusted and in impeccable state, otherwise the restorations will filter bacteria and create cavities in the underlying teeth. Some of his restorations had cavities underneath them and it was necessary to do some root canals due to the depth of these cavities. This was to get rid of all dental infections in his mouth.

Porcelain restorations (e-max) have a 100% aesthetic aspect and a 10+ year duration. Using these restorations we could rebuild each tooth affected by cavities partially or completely.

Smile Design

We concluded his full mouth rehab by doing a smile design based on his facial and labial characteristics. We corrected the dark shade and spacing between his teeth by placing porcelain veneers. Veneers are used to transform a smile in an aesthetic and natural manner.