13 February, 2023
1 min read

GINGIVECTOMY is the removal of excessive soft tissue (gums) in the mouth. This is necessary when gums are extremely swollen or bulky and cover a large portion of the front teeth. Enlarged gums gather significantly more dental plaque and makes brushing a lot more challenging. Therefore it is suggested to remove the excessive tissue to accomplish better oral hygiene. It is common for patients who had braces and patients who take certain medications to have enlarged gums with an irregular appearance. Nowadays, a gingivoplasty is also performed in aesthetic treatments to give a pleasant appearance and make the teeth seem longer and more aesthetic. 

GINGIVOPLASTY is the reshaping of the gums. A gingivoplasty is performed when there isn’t excessive gum tissue, only to modify the shape and size of the gum. This is mostly an aesthetic procedure so the gums look symmetrical and the smile a lot more attractive. 

Both gingivectomy and gingivoplasty procedures are performed in a dental chair by a certified specialist (periodontist). The procedure is done with local anesthetics and it is completely painless. The healing period for the gums is quick and the results are immediate. 

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