2 February, 2023
1 min read

A new orthodontic system has arrived at Cabdental: ClearCorrect. This system has the same benefits as the conventional orthodontic treatments (braces), minus the discomfort that many patients complain about. Indeed, ClearCorrect aligners do not irritate or cut your oral tissues (gums, tongue and cheeks) like braces do. They are invisible and make brushing your teeth a breeze, meaning there will not be any food debris stuck in between your teeth or braces.

ClearCorrect has the same purpose as braces: they align your teeth and improve your oral function. This is done by clear mouth guards that are easily placed and removed from your mouth. Several of these mouth guards are required (dental kit/set) that will be necessary to replace every couple of days in order for the alignment to occur and accomplish your desired smile. 

To start an ortho treatment with ClearCorrect, we will have to do an intraoral scan and digitally plan your case. The scanning is 100% painless. These aligners are made using the latest technology in orthodontics, having a 3-layer ClearQuartz material which gives it enough resistance and durability to execute your treatment. Each ClearCorrect aligner exerts a strategic pressure to progressively shift your teeth into their correct position.

If you are interested in getting a quote for ClearCorrect aligners and start your journey to a new smile and correct bite, please contact us.