23 August, 2022
2 min read

What is a CT Scan and how is it used?

A computerized tomography is a 3 dimensional digital radiologic image used to diagnose alterations, pathologies and lesions in the human body. 

Nowadays there are dental tomographies that have become a crucial tool to help diagnose and treat any dental procedure.

Why is it important to get a Dental Tomography?

Due to the fact that tomographies are 3-D images, we can easily visualize the teeth, nasal sinuses and cavity, temporomandibular articulation, buccal nerves and bone structure in maxillary and mandibular.  

With a Dental Tomography we can diagnose and treat the following:

  1. DENTAL IMPLANTS: A dental tomography will help us plan a precise implant insertion. We can inspect the quantity and quality of bone structure and identify if there is an infection in the implant site. Also, with a dental CT scan we can determine if the patient will need a bone graft.  
  2. IMPACTED TEETH: It is important to plan any dental procedure, especially if it is a surgical procedure. When there are impacted teeth or difficult to access areas, a dental tomography will be of aid to plan and perform any surgical dental procedure.
  3. ROOT CANALS: We can identify if a tooth will need a root canal treatment with a dental tomography. It is also helpful for the specialist in endodontics to inspect how many canals the treated tooth has. For patients who have had root canals in the past, it is encouraged that they get a dental tomography every certain period of time to review the state of the roots throughout the years.
  4. INFECTIONS AND PATHOLOGIES: When there is a suspicion of an infection, it is imperative we do a dental tomography. With this we can detect tumors, dental infections, sinus infections, periodontal diseases, and the cause of any pain. With a ct scan we can diagnose, measure and treat oral tumors or cysts. 
  5. DENTAL RESTORATIONS AND CAVITIES: By taking a look at a dental tomography, it is very easy to detect if a dental restoration (filling, crown, metal, etc) is badly adjusted and if there is bacteria filtration. We can also detect small, painless cavities, before they start becoming a problem for patients.

Where can I get a CT Scan (Dental Tomography)?

At Cabdental we offer all of our patients a precise diagnosis based on images obtained by our CT Scan machine. The process of a tomography takes just 5 minutes and does not require any patient preparation beforehand. This will ensure all of our specialists have a correct diagnosis and precise dental treatment.