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What to expect when you visit CABDENTAL as a new patient

It is of our best interest that you return home with a brand new, healthier smile. Every patient should feel satisfied with their appearance, have the smile you always wanted and have it be a long-lasting result.
In order to achieve this, we follow 3 stages towards your satisfaction:

1. PHASE ONE: PLANNING – Check-up and Treatment Plan

A) CHECK UP: All patients must go through a free-of-charge check up. We will start your patient file going. To make this step easier you can answer our Patient’s Dental History sheet and send it to our email (or print it out and bring it in the day fo your appointment). Same with our Patient’s Consent for Dental Treatments sheet.



B) TREATMENT PLAN: Our specialists will give you a proper diagnosis of your general oral health and therefore a treatment plan. It is under your own free will whether to accept (in part or as a whole) the treatment plan we have provided.

2. PHASE TWO: Start your dental treatments!
Our dental specialist will inform you about the required time and costs of each dental treatment. We offer different payment methods and a flexible agenda. Also, the specialist will inform you what will be the treatments that will take place in this phase such as: tooth preparations, temporary placements, gum modifications, implant insertions, impressions, wax ups, etc.

3. PHASE THREE: Go home with a beautiful, healthy smile!
This stage involves the ‘finishing touches’ of your treatments. Whether is cementing a restoration, a dental cleaning or adjusting a complete/partial denture.