At Cabdental, quality is our gold standard to achieve success, therefore our brands and providers are worldwide leaders with topmost technology.

Cabdental welcomes people all over the world seeking specific or non-specific dental treatments.
We offer a free check-up to all our patients because it is our pleasure meeting you and show you our amenities.
It is our responsibility to give a proper diagnosis and it is truly important for us to have your trust.


Get the smile that you deserve. Orthodontics is the dental specialty that assures that our teeth are in the correct position and function.


Return the natural glow of your smile. Throughout time teeth tend to change color due to several external factors (diet, tabaco, etc)


An implant is a titanium “screw” that goes inside your maxillary/mandibular bone. It substitutes the root of a tooth. It provides commodity and it gives back your confidence.


It is never too late to start going to the dentist. In CABDENTAL we have dentists who specialize in the treatments of children with primary and mixed teeth.


In CABDENTAL we like to do minimally invasive treatments, therefore we do not drill healthy and unnecessary enamel. We imitate teeth by emulating nature in color, anatomy, and texture. A smile always needs to look beautiful and not fake.

Dental aligners

Invisible aligners are the aesthetic solution for the alignment problem in your teeth. Our specialists will tell you if you are a candidate for this treatment.


Forget about tooth sensitivity to sweet and cold! Endodontics is a dental specialty that deals with toothache when the discomfort has reached the nerve of the tooth. In CABDENTAL we have the best specialists in state and we compromise to give you pain-free treatments.

Complete and partial dentures

Not everything is lost when you have several absent teeth. In CABDENTAL we offer you with the most comfortable, durable and natural-looking dentures. We adjust to our patients needs and we provide options for your new denture, whether it is fixed or removable, hard or flexible.